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8 Facts and Benefits on Urban Home Vegetable Gardening in Malaysia


Grow your own food through home farming and understand its benefits. Even the Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) has encouraged us to start a personal home farming and gardening during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

In some extent, this unprecedented time is kind of a good timing for us to explore the 🍅 grow your own food 🍆 through home farming concept into urban city household. 

Especially our local weather is comparatively stable than other four season country, perhaps the only reason to stop us to start growing our own food through home farming is not enough exposure to related information.📃🤔

Benefits of growing your own vegetables

1. Self grown vegetables Taste Better than buying from the store

There’s nothing like the taste of freshly pick and harvest food. Full of flavor and serves at its most nutritious immediately after being picked.

2. It allows you eat more fresh vegetables

Again,there’s nothing fresher than harvest fresh bayam, spinach, cucumber, choysum, lady finger at the peak of ripeness. Vegetables that ripen in the garden definitely have more nutrients than store-bought vegetables that harvest early due to logistic and transportation purpose.

3. You decide what kind of fertilizers and pesticides to use, or even not using it.

If you have problems with disease or pests, there are usually natural ways to solve it, such as using neem oil. Most of the time, you can simply cut that particular crop to avoid the problem spreading to other plant.

4. Ensure Food Safety

Growing and harvesting vegetable from your garden. Then you will know where your food come from. It comes from the soil you select, fertilizer you use, the way you harvest.

5. Saves Money at the Grocery Store

Growing your own food can be one of the greatest ways to save money. After all, every spring onion or okra that you grow is one less than you’ll need to buy from the shops.

6. It contributes to Food Security

It helps to achieve food security for you & the family via Direct Access to food that can be harvested, prepared and ready to eat. So, it’s a learning process and by the time you mastered the “how to preserve your harvest“. And you will be able to stock your pantry and feed your family even when the growing season is over. A home planting system like our HAVVA 60H for you to grow vegetables all year round.

7. It will give you something to be genuinely proud of

You’ll find there’s a certain pride and satisfaction especially when harvest season has arrived! Being able to walk out into your garden and harvest the produce you grew yourself is rewarding. It does give you a certain level of confidence that actually we can sustain ourselves, Feeding the family and friends with healthy food that’s been grown from your care and love.

8. It’s fun and therapeutic for the whole family

Urban home gardening tends to be affordable yet rewarding family activity, by being able to teach your children how to grow their own food. It involve planning, planting, caring for and harvesting process. Therefore, you are able to create a lifelong memories just by do gardening with your family

Easieast way to do urban home gardening

Perhaps it’s time for us to consider to begin our self grown vegetables through home farming. So, you could save up the time from visiting the market regularly yet able to source garden-fresh veggie! 


Presenting you the home-friendly planting system so called HAVVA 60H. Featuring in

✅ 100% pesticide-free

✅ only 1Sqft space needed

✅60 pieces of veggie every cycle

✅ Sustainable to grow throughout the year!

✅ 1v1 Lifetime Support, no prior knowledge needed

HAVVA Smart technology planting system that features you:

✅ 100% pesticide-free

✅ Size of coffee table 

✅ 280 vegetables and 10 adult fishes

✅ Growing 365 days a year

✅ No water changing needed

✅ 1v1 Lifetime support

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