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Veggie Storage Hacks That You Need To Know!

CMCO is back! Do you still go to ‘Pasar’ that often?
Couldn’t we just buy more veggie and preserve vegetables a little longer? But how?

The above scenario tends to be one of our daily’s happening especially in the past few weeks, sounds true? Basically, we especially our parents attended the market regularly, like once in every 2 days. Stressing in the crowd and congestion while somemore the poisonous covid-19 recently just to get a pack of veggie?! 

Instead, they can stock a lot of processed food. However, they are now entering the market, just buying a fresh meal for the whole family. Although doing so requires more effort.

How to preserve vegetables fresh for longer

Therefore, for those unsung heroes, HAVVA hopes to share some veggie storage hacks. Therefore, these tips will help you preserve vegetables that can extend their freshness. In addition, it can reduce your lifestyle!

4 categories of vegetables

☘ Leafy vegetables 
🍅 Fruits and Melon 
🥔 Root vegetables 
🍄 Mushroom and Toadstool 

How to preserve different types of vegetables in different ways

Leafy vegetables

1) After getting new pack of veggie, get rid of the yellowish leafy in order to avoid affecting the healthy one.
2) Apply paper towel and wrap on the root part of veggie.
3) While wrapping is complete, spray a little amount of water on the paper towel to prevent veggie gets wither.
4) Finally, place them into the plastic bag and store them vertically in the refrigerator. You won’t believe such easy act will keep veggie in a fresh condition with longer period!

Fruits and Melon

1) Do not place tomato and cucumber in warm area as it may get ripe quickly, unless you are prepared to cook it.
2) Set the fruit or melon type veggies in the storage container with inverted position to remain moisturize.
3) Lay an additional cling wrap and subsequently bring it into the refrigerator. Veggie will be moisture, sweet, and juicy like the way it does.

Root vegetables

1) A must use of cling paper to wrap of carrot, otherwise it may dry off.
2) Place them in the cooler area of the refrigerator.
3) On the other hand, potato may not be easy to get withered but being sprouted. Sprouted potato may cause illness if no proper handling is taken.
4) To avoid potato to get sprout, place apple altogether with the potato in a storage container. Then, seal it tightly and its done! The ethylene element by apple will avoid potato from sprouting.

Mushroom and Toadstool

1) Keep mushroom and toadstool in a dry condition and prevent placing them in humid area.
2) Store them in a storage container. But before that, remember to set a paper towel on the bottom of the container.
3) While all of the mushroom and toadstool are being placed into the container, lay another piece of paper towel on top of them. Then, situate them in the refrigerator afterwards. The function of paper towel is to absorb unwanted moist.
4) Lastly, open up the container every day in order to check up the paper towel as well as circulating some fresh air. Change a new piece paper towel if its soggy.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to preserve vegetables

Therefore, to keep everything easy, HAVVA has prepared them into a video, just click it below and master them right away! Also, show these video to your parents or friends as they may be the one that stress out everyday due to a pack of veggie!

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