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1.5L Hand Water Spray Bottle with High Pressure Capability




  • Hand sprayer with powerful pump action and pressure relief valve has been made with a shatterproof and frost-resistant construction.
  • Includes variable jet nozzle for precise application of plant feeds/watering etc.
  • Suitable for use with most garden and household chemicals. Ideal for use around the garden, greenhouse and home use with cleaning chemicals, greenhouse spray products, disinfecting products, valeting, plastering (wetting down) bricklaying (wetting bricks, loosening mortar)Can also use as a beekeeping humidifier by adjusting the rotating copper nozzle
  • Can control the flow of water. When watering, nozzle can be loose, large flow of water; when spraying or injection nozzle, tighten it, spray water for fog,spray for along time once pressurized
  • Materials: Metal+ Brass+ Plastics
  • Made of polythene (body), polypropylene (head) and brass (nozzle)