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EDTA Iron made in EU High Quality Granular Foliar



This product contains water-soluble iron in EDTA chelated form which provides iron nutrient essential for plant growth.

Its use will prevent iron deficiency and it is suitable for hydroponics, foliar or direct soil application for soil pH below 6.5.


  • Highly Soluble and suitable for all hydroponics, aquaponics, soil, and foliar applications
  • Greenhouse grade – very pure and dissolves completely in water Prevents or corrects iron deficiencies in many agricultural, horticultural, and fruit crops.
  • Iron is recommended to be at 3-5mg/L or .04 – .07oz/100gallons in hydroponics or aquaponics Chelated iron : ≥13.0% 200g in pa

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 13 × 25 cm