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K1 Bio Media for Bio-filtration Aquaponics Aquarium Aquaculture


Bio media is used in order to provide biological surface area for beneficial nitrification bacteria to colonize. This will allow nitrification process to occur therefore converting ammonia excreted by fish to be converted to nitrite and then nitrate. Nitrate is very much less toxic to fish and useful to plants when apply in aquaponics.



  • Provide Biological Surface Area for Nitrification Bacteria
  • Converting Ammonia to Nitrite and then Nitrate
  • Self-cleaning when provide with vigorous aeration
  • 1kg of this product occupies about 6 liters of Volume
  • Diameter = 10 mm, Height = 10 mm
  • Specific Surface Area = 850m2/m3
  • Specific Gravity => 0.96g/cm3
  • Room Number = 4
  • MBBR Quick Sizing Reference = 19kg of food/m3 of K1 = 19gram of food/Liter of K1