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MS-601MS Polymer Adhesive / Sealant


MS-601 is based upon Hybrid Silyl Modified Polyether Technology. It is suitable in wide range of industrial applications and it has excellent primer-less adhesion to various types of substrates of dissimilar porosity, and surface textures. It also can be over painted with most of the types of paints. It is a technology that combines the unique features of Silicone and Polyurethane Sealants. It is a moisture cure system adhesive sealant and “NON” bubbling when apply in high humidity or to moist substrates. It is not suitable for structural glazing.

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  • High mechanical Bonding Strength
  • Excellent UV & Weather Resistance
  • Solvent, Isocyanate & PVC Free
  • Non-yellowing & Non-staining
  • Neutral, Odourless & Fast Curing
  • Can be Applied on Wet Surfaces
  • Paintable & Environmental Friendly
  • Sutable for Interior & Exterior Use