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Bringing Vegetables To Home Alive (V2HA)


Featuring a whole new fresh veggie experience with HAVVA Vegetables To Home Alive (V2HA). Either you can grow or eat them at the same time. It’s one click away to enjoy 100% non toxic vegetable at your doorstep 365 days.

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Be a part of ‘No One Left Behind’ Campaign

HAVVA ‘No One Left Behind’ Campaign is to ensure the marginal community are able to enjoy fresh vegetables, eventually achieve their food security and food safety. So, every 1kg of Vegetables To Home Alive (V2HA) you purchase, we will donate a 100g to the selected old folks home, orphanage, or disabled centers. Purchasing HAVVA veggie is not just eating healthy. But, you are creating a meaningful impact that serves the society at large.


What is Vegetables To Home Alive (V2HA)?

Veggies you get are still “surviving and growing”. They come with the root in order to keep the veggies in the most watery conditions. This helps to avoid the veggies from losing upon harvesting, so you can consume them in the most moisture and freshest quality.

100% Non-Toxic

No buffer, no growth stimulation, no hormones injection, no harmful pesticide. HAVVAponics insists on 100% natural agriculture method and assure NO pesticide residue on any veggie we grow.

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HAVVA Commercial Farms

The Most Natural Growing Method

Leveraging the interrelation between fish-microorganism-veggie, HAVVAponics only uses the natural way to grow the vegetables.  We are proud to showcase how the way we grow vegetables and welcome everyone to witness it.

Test, Record, Prove

V2HA is tested and proven with 0% toxic contains from the official authority. Every veggie that drop into your tummy is served with confident.

No hormones injection, No Antibiotic, NO PESTICIDE RESIDUE. 

Pesticide Residue is a long-standing harmful substance remain on fresh crops, which can damage human health. But not any bit of these substances can be seen in Vegetables To Home Alive (V2HA). Because, we guarantee to grow only 100% non-toxic and healthy veggies to our beloved clients.

Grow To Conserve The Nature

Not only typical non-toxic vegetables, but Vegetables To Home Alive (V2HA) is a responsible production that makes 0 land pollution to the environment without using any harmful chemical or substances.

Grow With Classical Music

Do you know? Vegetables that grow in classical music environment is scientifically proven to get better quality. Right here, Vegetables To Home Alive (V2HA) you eat is elegantly vibed with Mozart music.

Stable Supply, No Price Fluctuation

V2HA grows in a controlled environment where the supply are enough as always. Therefore, you can enjoy a 100% natural and non-toxic veggies 365 with a stable price regardless of whether, trasnportation or shortage supplies issues.

Latest from the Blog

At here, you will discover the process of how we grow V2HA using HAVVAponics. At the same time, we do introduce our Manong farm progressively where you get to see how this 10,000 sqft farm manage to produce and handle thousands kg of vegetables.

1st Urban Farm In Malaysia Mall

1st Urban Farm In Malaysia Mall

Explore MALAYSIA 🥇1st urban farm in a mall today!  The hidden farm that you can never imagine or thought of, is probably just a few minutes away from you 📍  Farm By The Quay is the 1st urban farm in a mall mainly showing the public how modern farming looks like and...

Farming program Malaysia under IKTBN | HAVVA Agrotech

Farming program Malaysia under IKTBN | HAVVA Agrotech

IKTBN x HAVVA Program launched!Farming program Malaysia (#ProgramMyFutureAgro) under IKTBN had successfully launched! And its been a fruitful week for our participants to learn about urban farming. Along the course and onsite training, we had introduced participants...



对菜虫又爱又恨Haiz,辛辛苦苦种出来的蔬菜,才刚刚准备要采收,就被虫虫吃光了😭😭。 但是,这也意味着我们所种植的蔬菜🥬能够放心地被食用。因为虫虫🐛吃了都没事,我们当然也可以安心的吃啦💯。 有种植蔬菜的朋友都知道,蔬菜很容易招来虫虫的入侵。而且,处理害虫真的非常麻烦,不时不时就需要剪去被虫虫🐞“入侵”的蔬菜,真的让人一个头,两个大😡。 虫虫和我们人体一样,需要适当的营养才能茁壮成长🌱,正好我们平时常吃的蔬菜有它们所需要的营养成分;所以,蔬菜的叶片有“虫眼”也代表着你所种植的蔬菜是可以安心食用的。有 “虫眼”...

Our Farms

non toxic vegetable

Farm By The Quay

Monday – Sunday (10am – 10pm), 

The Malaysia 1st urban farm in a mall. Showing the spectacular modern farming systems and bringing a green vibe to this busy city. Read more

non toxic vegetable

Manong Farm

Monday – Sunday (10am – 10pm)

A new 10,000 modern farm which brings an ever since agricultural transportation in this Manong suburb. Read more

non toxic vegetable

Brunei IAM Food

Monday – Sunday (8.30am – 5pm) 

Tour on HAVVA’s newly built commercial farm in Brunei. Size of 8000 sqft that grows a range of fresh foods to the local. Read more

non toxic vegetable

Cheng Sun Urban Farm 

Tuesday – Sunday (12pm – 10.30pm)

A private owned farm using HAVVAponics system which featured to self-supply fresh crops to his own restaurant, a.k.a Cheng Sun Restaurant. Read more


Every piece of vegetables that grow with HAVVAponics are guaranteed with 100% non-toxic and safe to eat. No antibiotic or hormones injection are used to stimulate artificial growth. We take exceptional farming protocol to assure every vegetables are safe to consume.