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How does “Aquaponics system” really work? 

Apply aquaponic systems to urban agriculture. But every generation has different farming methods, and since we were born in the era of environmentalism and food safety. We must keep pace with popular knowledge!

What is Aquaponics

Aquaponics is very competent. In terms of having high flexibility in construction which can be in large or small scale.

Professional farmers who desire to construct in high quantities can find a large area of land to play with. While part-time farmers and housewives who dabble in gardening. So, they can grow fish and vegetables at the same time with just using a small space! 😱 It’s easy and convenient!

But at the end of the day, what is aquaponics?
Aqua=Aquaculture, and
Ponics=Hydroponic, in which the combination is Aquaponics! It is the combination of two technologies, which “fish” and “vegetables” can grow together. 😍😍
What is included in the aquaponics system
So, what are the parts that usually include in an aquaponics systems?
✔️ Fish Tank: Use to rare fish
✔️ Filter compartment: To filter fish waste
✔️ Biofilter compartment: Allow growth of nitrifying bacteria
✔️ Grow beds, vertical planting systems : For plants to grow

There are lots of people who designing continuous flow beds, siphon beds, vertical planting system and etc to grow vegetables based on their demand😋.

So, everyone can choose the type of vegetables they want to grow according to their preferences. And the fish pond can be used to rare the fish they love to eat by having an aquaponics system. It’s a win-win situation! 😉😉

Usually we will plant vegetables in the upper part (grow bed), while having the fish tank in the bottom. The water used to raise fish will be pumped through the water pipe. And pump to the grow bed which contain vegetables and subsequently. The vegetables will filter the wastewater and recirculate to the fish tank. Therefore, aquaponics system involves the ecosystem of fish, vegetables, bacteria.

Fish Waste in aquaponics system

Aquaponics system is making good use of Fish Waste to plant vegetables, nitrifying bacteria will be responsible for the breakdown of fish waste into nutrients that can be absorbed by plants. 

When the plant absorbs these nutrients, the wastewater will become clean and recirculate back to the fish tank, giving the fish a healthy and aerobic environment to grow! Thus, fish, vegetables and bacteria are mutually beneficial and grow together in an aquaponics system!

Well ~~ Here’s the end of today’s sharing. Want to know more about the aquaponics system, feel free to pay a visit to Farm By The Quay at the Quay Side Mall! It’s Malaysia’s 1st urban farm built in a Shopping Mall and you definitely will be amazed.😍