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Redefine Farming

HAVVA innovates effective and efficient non-toxic city farming and home gardening techniques in Malaysia that fully optimize space and allow various plants and home vegetables to grow two times faster. At the same time, environmentally friendly, pollution-free and save 90% of water use. In the space of one plant in conventional farming, we can now harvest more than 100 plants in your garden.

We supply HAVVA technology that is matured, easily implemented and transferable to achieve consistent results.

Our vision is to enable everyone to enjoy non-toxic, fresh vegetables and healthy food from the comfort of their own garden; the dream home aquaponics made easy.

HAVVA Technology As A Solution For Urban Farming

What We Do


We innovate & supply effective planting system. Provide consultation, design, build & transfer of HAVVA non-toxic farm.


We provide customised and well design Standard Operating Procedure for every HAVVA farm enabling it to be run seamlessly easy and effectively by almost anyone.

Management & Evaluation

We develop online realtime apps with IOT readiness. Collecting data, analyse to provide management and evaluation information. Enabling the farm be managed from remote.

HAVVA integrated Hydroponic, Aquaculture, Vertical Farming, Vermiponic and Aeroponic techniques into a single, effective and efficient farming technology. HAVVA provides complete fresh, healthy and non-toxic farming for home and commercial scale. It is designed for anyone to grow non-toxic food sustainably.

HAVVA is complete with infrastructure design and setup, Standard Operating Procedure to manage and run the farm at ease, Management and evaluation system to access and evaluate the performance, continual consultancy and support services. More importantly, we also provide marketing platform to market your produces.


FUTURE Farming Technology

Implemented TODAY

Our Dreams


Everyone Can Enjoy Non-Toxic, Fresh & Healthy Food. 


Innovate and design effective & efficient farming technology that is applicable for home and large scale commercial farm.


Revolutionise & define future farming towards non-toxic, environmental friendly, pollution-free, green farming practices to achieve healthy living for everyone.

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