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Hydroponic | Sustainable | Aquaponic Vertical City Farming Malaysia

About us


 HAVVA Agrotech, a 7 years urban gardening or city farming company based in Penang, Malaysia. We specialize in designs, builds, and transfers modern commercial urban gardening and urban agriculture in Malaysia. We harness unique, cutting-edge sustainable aquaponic and vertical farming techniques and technologies in every system we customize to achieve highest economic values for our clients.

HAVVA innovates efficient, effective, and non-toxic farming techniques as well as urban gardening solutions that emphasizes on space optimization.  On the space of one plant in conventional farming, we can now harvest more than 100 plants and allowing a plant to grow 2X times faster through hydroponic farming in Malaysia . The revenue generated from 1 acre of HAVVA farm is comparable to 10 acres of Organic farm or 17 acres of conventional farms. At the same time, environmentally friendly, pollution free and saves 90% of water usage.


“Enable everyone to enjoy non-toxic, fresh, and healthy food sustainably.”



“Redefine and breakthrough conventional farming using sustainable, green and smart farming technology.”


1. Reduce food miles, carbon foot print and pollution

2. Ensure food safety and food security for every consumer

3. Provide employment and business opportunity to the poor and marganilized communities through HAVVA technology

Core values


Determined to strive for continual improvement and learning


Be ethical and responsible to every things that we do. Especially to our environment, eco-system and society.


Innovate and improve our methods, process, designs, and products to achieve highest level of effectiveness and efficiency.


Enjoy what we do and be a team player.