Carbon footprint, sea-level rise, and different pollutions have brought a huge to the world. 

Carbon Emission Release

Carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emission caused by an individual, event, organization, service, or product expressed as carbon dixocide equipvalent. In a simple layman explanation, any activities involving the use of energy will generate carbon footprint.

Increase of carbon footprint is threatening our world and our livable condition globally. It is the primary event associated with climate change that has led to global warming.

Sea level is rising

Warmer water occupies more space than cooler water and massive ice in the north and south pole is melting. Rising seas will not only erode shorelines and destroy ecosystems, but coastal cities and towns could be displaced by rising seas.

Drought to Malnutrition

An increase in malnutrition is caused by the result of climate change on food crops, such as the drought that interferes with the growing season. Drought also causes diarrheal diseases as access to safe water is compromised. Vector-boned diseases such as malaria are increasing as the temperature increase allows malarias mosquitoes to survive in countries too cool for them.

Air Pollution

Increased air pollution has caused an increase in respiratory problems as asthma and allergies have increased. Now you see that increasing Carbon Footprint is concerning each of us; young, old including our future generations.

How To Solve With HAVVA

Support Circular Economy By Practicing The 3R

Practice the 3R as much as possible. You can use HAVVA’s Zero Kitchen Waste Techniques to turn all your kitchen waste into fertilizer and grow food for you and the family again

Grow Your Own Food

Wherever possible, grow our own food as much as possible, it is not only the most reliable source of non-toxic, fresh, and healthy supply, but also help to reduce food miles to almost ZERO. Collectively, we will help to reduce carbon footprint continously.

Purchase Food From Your Local Urban Farms

By supporting your local urban farmer, especially HAVVA Farmers, you are assured of the quality non-toxic, fresh, and healthy food. Meanwhile, you have helped to add much more green impact to your local environment. Reduce food miles and carbon footprint. Everyone will enjoy cleaner and healthier city life.

Venture Into Urban Farming

If you have the entrepreneurship and game enough to take on the challenges in business, you can venture into urban farming as a business. When more and more urban farmers start growing food in the cities, we are all contributing towards reducing carbon footprint.