HAVVA Encourages Non-Toxic Farming in Malaysia; Food Security & Safety

Food Security

According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAD) of the United Nations, Food Security is to ensure all people at all time have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.

Do you know, Malaysia is ranked 28th in 2019 World Food Security Score with the 73.8 points compare to Singapore; 87.4 points. Although Malaysia is a primary food producer and exporter, we are far behind Singapore who is one of the biggest food importers. Which mean, there is highly likely, we may not have sufficient, safe, and nutritious food supply especially in preparation against global crisis like Covid-19 pandemic attack!

We won’t know when the next global crisis will happen. When it happened, all countries and cities lockdown, the urban cities will not have enough food supply and suffer from Food security issues. 

This threat is worsen in the following facts:

1. Agricultural land use to produce food in Malaysia has dropped from 31.9% in 1960 to 16.3% in 2006 and continue to decline less than 10%. This decline is escalated with recent development and urbanization 

2. There is limited investments into primary food production to increase our supply

3. Aging farmers do not get replacement as young generation is not keen to venture into agriculture which is considered Dirty, Difficult, and Dangerous.

4. Lack of R&D to revamp and breakthrough to change convention farming into modern farming techniques

Our solution

1. HAVVA has successfully integrated farming technology.

2. Innovated components, system design, infrastructure, and operating procedures that come with FREE lifetime remote support.

3. HAVVA’s solutions enable anyone without farming experience to grow like an expert. Anyone can adopt HAVVA solution to grow for themselves, the community or commercial purposes to achieve consistent result.

When there are more homes, communities and urban farm starts growing food in the urban cities, we will be resilient to food security threats and effective solve the problem — preventing any further non-toxic farming in Malaysia.

Food Safety 

Food Safety refers to routines in the preparation, handling, and storage of food. It meant to prevent food borne illness and injury but supports non-toxic farming in Malaysia. From farms to factory to fork, food products may encounter any number of health hazards during the journey through the supply chain. Safe food handling practices and procedures are thus implemented at every stage of food production life cycle in order to prevent harm to consumers.

The food borne diseases, are described as the illnesses with which people are infected by the foods they eat. These diseases are a widespread public health issue and are expensive to treat.

Food contamination at any stage, from production to consumption , produces bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemical agents and toxins, which eventually cause the food borne diseases.

These diseases are seen as a pervasive, permanent problem that can lead to morbidity and mortality. Food borne diseases are increasing worldwide, due to neglect of personal hygiene and food hygiene.

Our solution

Shorten food supply chain from growing to table

We effectively reduce the amount of times food  being handled by human, transportation, preservation/storage. Hence, we reduce the chances of exposing to various environment with variable hygiene circumstances .

System Design

HAVVA systems in designed to grow plants vertically. Vegetables are not exposed to soil or ground soil water. Therefore, it will not expose to bacteria or contaminants related to soil or water.

Stringent operating procedure and handling process from seeds to harvest and packaging

All HAVVA urban farm practice food safety guidelines to ensure highest international food safety standards.

Farm to Home

HAVVA urban farm practice shipping of vegetables directly from farm to end user home within 4 hours upon harvest. Also, we practice pluck and pay policies. Home users come to our farm, pluck the non-toxic farming fresh vegetables and bring them home directly.