HAVVA Agrotech | A Social Enterprise in Malaysia

Do you know? Food issues have been long-existed for decades across every part of the world, including Malaysia. From hunger to contamination and waste, it is always a key obstacle for individuals to achieve a genuine active and healthy lifestyle. Regardless the urban or rural families.

Social Enterprise

HAVVA Agrotech | A Social Enterprise in Malaysia

Do you know? Food issues have been long-existed for decades across every part of the world, including Malaysia. From hunger to contamination and waste, it is always a key obstacle for individuals to achieve a genuine active and healthy lifestyle. Regardless the urban or rural families.

What We Did

Fresh Farms

Trained Urban Farmers

Trained Schools

Patented Agrotech Products

Kilogram Home-Food Produce Annually

Kilogram Total Food Produce Annually

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Food Security

Malaysia has a strong reliance on agricultural import (about 18.3 billion USD) to feed up the nation. Urbanization, lack of innovations, labour shortages, and low incentives have led to a slow growth of agricultural productions. As such, a rapid price increase can be experienced over the years which food insecurity issue has been more significant than ever.

Food Waste

Malaysian generates an average of 15,000 tonnes of food waste EVERYDAY, which is equivalent to about 1.6kg per day! Notably, 3000 tonnes of them are still edible which could feed up thousands of families. In usual practice, these food wastes are dumping into wasteland and sea which drives land and water pollutions and affects the entire ecosystem.

Food Safety

As of 2018, nearly 441,000 tonnes of pesticide were used in Malaysia. Unfortunately, pesticide possesses a serious harm to our health. It could cause diarrhea, food poisoning, nausea, kidney failure, breathe issue, and cancers ultimately. Most importantly, they can’t be spotted with naked eye and get cleaned easily.

Food Miles

On average, Malaysia’s transport sector produces about 42 million metrics of carbon emission annually. This includes the transportation and delivery of agricultural foods starting from croplands to end customers like us. Moreover, the daily drive out to buy vegetables from the market is an unnoticeable contribution to this amount.

Our Initiatives

HAVVA enables everyone to enjoy nontoxic, fresh, and healthy food sustainably, which resolves food security and safety problems. We create a career path to marginal society, reduce food miles, and address global warming through innovative farming technology, methodology, digital platform, and AI integration. We embrace automated and low maintenance systems that anyone without prior skill can grow their food anywhere consistently, sustainably.

Specifically, we are proud to be an official Social Enterprise with the Social Enterprise Accreditation (SE.A) awarded by MaGIC in 2020. We are committed to working towards the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG) in achieving a future-proof city, starting from a national scale.

Our Sustainable Development Goals Commitment

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Developed 511 Fresh Farms

HAVVA’s planting systems are made easy to grow. One could achieve food security & safety by growing themselves with different types of fish and vegetables 365 days. As of today, HAVVA builds;

  • 461 Home farms: 11,986kg produces/year
  • 46 Community farms: 5,520kg produces/ year
  • 4 Commercial farms: 13,000kg produces/year

Goal 4: Quality Education

Trained 244 Individuals & 46 Schools

From workshop to farm visit, we focus on educating the public with smart agricultural knowledge and skills. Other than self-development knowledge, one will gain a second skillset that gives them employment or business opportunity in the agricultural industry. 

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure

3 Patented Agrotech Products

We proactively making intensive R&D in the urban farming field. This includes our home and commercial smart planting systems and compost tower. They serve to create a comprehensive food solution that fits in daily life, home, or business purposes.

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

461 Home Users, 11,986kg Food Produce Every Year

HAVVA enables anyone to grow their own fresh foods easily and in turn to sustain themselves. To date, 511 HAVVA home users are producing about 11,986kg of fresh and NON-TOXIC foods for their own consumption a year. This has led them to be less dependent on external suppliers and import produces too.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

30.506 Tonnes Produces/Year

HAVVA insists on NON-TOXIC for everyone to enjoy truly healthy fresh foods. We innovate system and SOP that enable everyone to grow food easily and sustainably without using toxic pesticides, eliminate contamination. This is to ensure every plant produced by HAVVA’s system has the highest quality and healthy.

Goal 13: Climate Action

Saving 1900kg CO2 a Year

With more than 25,000 kg of food being produced at home and local communities every year, we effectively reduce the carbon footprint from its food miles. Every year HAVVA users are saving 1900kg of CO2 collectively and these numbers are growing year on year.

Reduce 12,000L of Food Waste

HAVVA Vertical Compost Tower is now able to decompose 12 liters of food waste into fertilizer a year. We successfully sold off 1000 units which are avoiding food waste going into the landfill. Thus, it effectively prevents these wastes turning into landfill pollution.

Goal 17: Partnership to achieve the Goal

4 Parnertships, Help 10,000+ Needy

  • MyKasih – HAVVA educates students and teachers in 46 marginal and remote schools. They are mainly the Orang Asli school to grow food sustainably using HAVVA urban Farming technology.
  • SOCSO Rehabilitation Center HAVVA exposes urban farming to 7000+ injured workers receiving treatment at the center every year. We offer them an opportunity to learn 2nd skill set for self-sustaining or venture into urban farming if they are not able to return to their initial job position.
  • Farm By The Quay Malaysia’s 1st urban farm in a mall happened between the collaboration with Gamuda Land. It showcases self-sustaining farming techniques to 240,000+ visitors to the mall every year. Educate them how each one can grow their own food at home to address food security issues.
  • HOPE Worldwide Malaysia– Expose and train B40 in the urban cities to grow their own food using HAVVA technology. Moreover, we work along to address food waste issue from the household sector

We are inspired and dedicated to make a change for the needy, in believing there is much more we can do.

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