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It is highly sustainable to grow your own food at home in Malaysia with aquaponics vertical farming and our hydroponic farming tools. To explain, this integrated system applies both aquaculture and hydroponics with little maintenance or effort. Featuring home planting systems and home aquaponics kits, HAVVA provides aquaponic vertical farming solutions and urban digital agriculture in Malaysia. Addressing the food safety and food insecurity issues through patented system designed, components, and consumable items that best suit your city farming needs.

Ready Made System

HAVVA does extensive research, innovation and invention to ensure our systems are compact with highest space utilization. Formulate a methodology where anyone can grow successfully as easy as ABC.


HAVVA innovates and designs unique and cost-effective components to assemble and manufacture our systems. Feature in multiple patented products & deliver high yield results. 


Each and every consumable supplied by HAVVA has been carefully selected, formulated, tested and well supported with information, guidance of their usage.

Home Farm For A  Family Of 5

HAVVA280 The Smart Farming System comes with compact and functional design. It is specially tailored to fit into any home. Which means, with a space of a coffee table at home, you can grow more than 280 plants and 10 fish. It results in your family of 4 are enough to enjoy non-toxic, fresh and healthy food right from your garden every day.

HAVVA280 allows every home can grow own fresh, healthy food without toxic pesticides, hormone or antibiotics. Giving you the freedom and the choices on how your food is being produced and 100% assurance of food safety and food security.

Yes, you can serve fresh and healthy food directly from your garden anytime, for a family of 4 with HAVVA280.

280 Plants Anytime

Outdoor Planting System

Non-Toxic Produces

I Want To Grow More Food Varieties

HAVVA420 The Ultimate Vertical Farming System fits into most backyard, garden, rooftop or large balcony easily straight away. It is specially designed to achieve self-sufficiency and grow enough food for family and/or community. With HAVVA420, we can grow almost everything fresh, healthy without toxic pesticides, hormone or antibiotics.

Moreover, it rewards everyone a total freedom and the choices on what to grow with 100% assurance of food safety and food security. Let’s enjoy this therapeutic home grown food with your kids and elderly to build a healthy urban lifestyle.

What Is So Special About HAVVA’s Home System?

Anyone can grow non-toxic, fresh and healthy food at home as easy as 123 with HAVVA systems. In line with Malaysia’s urban agriculture dynamic, our aquaponic vertical farming solution are for you to grow most of the leafy vegetables that are suitable for the local climate.

For instance, in the lowlands of Malaysia, we can grow choy sum, pak-choy, amarnath, kailan, lettuce, sweet potatoes leaves, basil, rockets, mints, chilli padi, and many more. Interestingly, leafy greens can be harvested in 3 to 4 weeks upon transplant to HAVVA system.

Notably, all HAVVA Systems are completed with seeding to growing mechanism. Anyone can sow, germinate and transplant easily without any special skills or green finger.

Besides, HAVVA systems enable you to enjoy from micro green, baby green to adult green. All in one compact, centralized and integrated system. You choose and decide how you want to plan your healthy diet and grow them accordingly.

In addition, all HAVVA home systems come with FREE lifetime remote support. This assures to help every HAVVA user to resolve any problem that may arise in the years to come.

Every HAVVA user is supported by qualified personnel who are like you; using and growing food on HAVVA system everyday. Featuring professionalism, our support team has all the necessary hands on experience to resolve any problems you may come across.

More importantly, with HAVVA system, you and your beloved family can enjoy food at home with peace of mind. Need not worry about toxic pesticides, hormone, and antibiotic residuals. Experience urban digital agriculture with us today!


The new HAVVA vertical grower which developed through the collaboration with SIRIM Malaysia.

1 unit features to grow 10 vegetables. Promising no water leakage & blockage in your farming system.

Grower360 Pack 2

Comes in bulk purchase where you can start your DIY urban farming system.

Stackable Design. No drilling/sealant is needed anymore. You fully control the DIY systems you preferred.

Grower360 Aeroponic Pack

A flagship product of HAVVA that applies jointly with the Grower360 to make you a complete vertical grower at home.

Comes with 
HAVVA Adapter, Endcap, and Water Dispenser

Get Started Your Own Growing Vegetables Today!

"A very useful modern farm that must be practiced in every home because of the concept of planting, livestock, living and harvesting. It does not use fertilisers and chemicals which can help to keep the earth and our health clean."

Cikgu Zuraidah SMKP Pasir Mas

"Growing vegetables the aquaponics way is educational, enriching and gratifying. Students get to see the growth from micro greens to leafy veggies. Feeding the fish too is therapeutic in a way."

Methodist Girl School Penang – Puan Ang

“It's the future as water becomes a problem and food sources become less need a grow your own philosophy.”

John Simkin

“Excellent farming.The new age farming growing healthier with technological advancement in agriculture.”

Thirumuruga Ganapathy

“Great ideas for a healthy living!”

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