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HAVVA420 allows you to experience a whole bunch of new integration in urban and home farming in Malaysia. Growing your produce using HAVVA Farming Technology enables you to grow your own food at home while minimizing space, saving time and effort in maintenance, and much more. Enjoy the revolutions of integrated farming technology with your loved ones by having your own HAVVA420 farming system at your home!

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  • HAVVA420 fits into your backyard, garden, rooftop or large balcony easily straight away.
  • It is specially designed to achieve self-sufficiency and grow enough food including vegetables for your family.
  • With HAVVA420, you can grow 100% pesticide & toxic-free, fresh, healthy, hormones, and antibiotics foods.
  • Giving you total freedom and the choices on what to grow with 100% assurance of food safety and food security.
  • Enjoy this therapeutic home grown food with your kids and elderly to build a different urban lifestyle.
  • HAVVA420 comes with full set items & bonus 1v1 personalized coaching
  • Setup place: 4 hours of direct sunlight a day & a plug point nearby. (Outdoor required, special design to place under rain 24/7)

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