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HAVVA420 | Farm To Table | The Ultimate Vertical Farming System In Town

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HAVVA420 allows you to experience a whole bunch of new integration in urban and home farming in Malaysia. Growing your produce by using hydroponics enables you to grow your own food at home while minimizing space, saving time and effort in maintenance, and so much more. Enjoy the revolutions of hydroponic farming with your loved ones by having your own HAVVA420 planting system at your home!

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  • HAVVA420 fits into your backyard, garden, rooftop or large balcony easily straight away.
  • It is specially designed to achieve self-sufficiency and grow enough food including vegetables for your family.
  • With HAVVA420, you can grow 100% pesticide & toxic-free, fresh, healthy, hormones, and antibiotics foods.
  • Giving you total freedom and the choices on what to grow with 100% assurance of food safety and food security.
  • Enjoy this therapeutic home grown food with your kids and elderly to build a different urban lifestyle.



No of Plants Grow 420 vegetables on vertical, hundreds more on grow beds and seedling bed, + up to 10 fruit plants (All 100% pesticide-free).
No of Adult Fish 40 to 60
Type of Fish Any freshwater fish such as Japanese Koi, Jade Perch, Red Tilapia, Nile Tilapia. Beginner advised starting with Tilapia type.
Crops Suitable Dwarf Pak Choy, Wong King Pak Choy, Choy Sum, Lettuce, Chinese Mustard, Sweet Potato Leaves, Kangkong, Amaranth, Kailan, Basil, Mint, Rocket, Aromatic Lettuce, Reddish, Ginger, Long Beans, Cucumber, French Bean, Patola, Bitter Gourd, etc.
Most of the green leaves that is suitable for the hosted climate.
Estimated 1st Harvest 10 to 15 days (microgreen), 15 to 20 days upon transplant (grown vegetable)
System Size Approx. 3ft by 15ft by 6ft tall (Vertical Part)
Minimum Space Needed 3ft x 15ft space (add 2ft parameter as walkway)
Sunlight Requirement Min 3 hours direct sunlight
Electrical Requirement 2 plug points at the system
Working Principle Aquaponics + Vertical Farming + Aeroponics + Hydroponic. Efficient, safe, healthy, sustainable eco-system
Age Group Children, adult, elderly, able and differently able can operate and enjoy
Assembly Method DIY + rack assemble, piping, and system tuning. (May require supplier to install properly)
Ease of Use Enjoy sowing, planting, feeding fish, and harvesting
Ease of Maintenance Simple Washing
Technical Knowledge Needed No specific knowledge needed. Well guided with HAVVA 1v1 FREE online and offline customer support
  • Enjoy microgreen all year round
  • Enjoy fresh and healthy vegetables all year round
  • Enjoy feeding fish and stress release
  • Foster bonding among the family members from children to elderly.
  • Educational; Children learn sustainable farming, plants life cycles, aquaponics, vertical farming, aeroponics and hydroponic
  • Therapeutic – Stress release, relax and enjoy growing and planting
  • Improve eco-system with more green in your home
  • Contribute to carbon reduction and moderate global warming
Shipping Self-collect or delivery by 3rd party transport (shipping cost not included)
Delivery Lead Time 4 to 6 weeks (All system is make to order)
What is not included
  • Fish food
  • Water test kits
  • Power points
  • Installation

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 458 × 122 × 183 cm

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