Sunsun Multifunction Submersible Water Pump


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Sunsun Multi-function Submersible Water Pump is used to pump up water to the top end of the home planting system, allowing water to flow through every vegetable in the system’s layers automatically. Also, suitable to use for aquarium and home fishing.

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  • Made of high quality plastic,anti-corrosion ,durable.
  • The unique appearance of new, high efficiency and energy saving
  • The high temperature resistant, pollution-free, maintenance-free
  • The new motor technology, stable performance, safe and reliable
  • Submersible Water Pump extremely quiet operation
  • Multi-usage, can give oxygen pumping ,filtering , and fountains, with suction cups at the bottom, not easy to fall off

Sunsun water pump comes in 4 different models:

  • HJ-600
  • HJ-1500
  • HJ-2200
  • HJ-2500
  • HJ-3000
Water Pump Model Power (W) Pump Head Water Flow/Hr Dimension Water Outlet Size Available
HJ-600 8W 1.3M 600L/Hr 9.6cm x 6.1cm x 8.6cm No1, No2
HJ-1500 25W 1.8m 1500L/Hr 13cm x 6.9cm x 9.5cm No2, No3
HJ-2200 35W 2m 2000L/Hr 13.9cm x 7.5cm x 10.6cm No2, No3
HJ-2500 45W 2.7m 2500L/Hr 13.9cm x 7.5cm x 10.6cm No2, No3
HJ-3000 55W 3M 3000L/Hr 16.6cm x 8.2cm x 11.8cm No3, No4, No7


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HJ-600, HJ-1500, HJ-2200, HJ-2500, HJ-3000