How to design an aquaponics system

Design your own aquaponics system with nitrifying bacteria. There is a lot of information about aquaponics system is that can be searched online, but despite all this information, you still can’t create a viable system?

Either the fish can’t grow well, or the vegetables can’t grow in the system? A string of failed attempts at your aquaponics system, but you still not be able to grow anything?

Nitrifying Bacteria 
In fact, you missed something about aquaponics system! Everyone says that aquaponics system are fish or vegetables, but no one tells you what bacteria are. Bacteria are the “engine of the whole system”. Therefore, their task is to convert useless waste into nutrients that can be used in the co-cultivation system!

There are two kinds of bacteria in the aquaponics system, namely Nitrosomonas bacteria and Nitrosobacter bacteria .

So, they are a key factor in the success or failure of aquaponics system. Because they can effectively reduce the toxicity of fish and provide absorbable nutrients for plants. Starting to wonder what nitrifying bacteria do in an aquaponics system?

2 kinds of Nitrifying Bacteria
✅Nitrosomonas bacteria: In an aerobic environment, turns toxic ammonia nitrogen in fish feces into nitrite
✅Nitrobacter bacteria: Turning nitrites into plant-absorbable nitrates

Usually after the aquaponics system starts to run, the Nitrosomonas bacteria will grow and cause the ammonia in the water to change to nitrite. As the nitrite bacteria grow, the ammonia in the water will slowly decrease and the nitrite will gradually increase.

After that, the Nitrosobacter bacteria will start to grow due to the increase in nitrite, and will convert nitrite to nitrate, causing the nitrite in the water to gradually decrease and the nitrate to become more nitrate, because nitrate is less toxic and bring less effect on the fish, nitrate will be absorbed by the plant, allowing you to grow greens!

Why the design of a aquaponic system is important

Began to wonder and think about why everyone said that aquaponics system design is important? This is because according to the design of the system, nitrifying bacteria will grow well.

For example, nitrifying bacteria can grow on a growth bed that contains a growth medium such as leca balls. Because leca balls have many small holes that allow them to grow and decompose nutrients for plant use.

There are still some people who design the system attached with biofilter tank or K1 tank in order to allow the nitrifying bacteria to grow and stabilize the system ecologically. 👍

Suddenly discover that experience and knowledge are needed to design a aquaponics system? Yes, HAVVA has done a lot of research on aquaponics and this is why we are able to share it with you here today. In addition to the aquaponics we talked about, there’s a different study we’d like to share with you as well!