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What worries the parents

What should I do when my child often refuses vegetables? How to let our kids to eat vegetables in different ways?

All they like are hamburgers, sausages, nuggets and other meats. Parenting really hurt my head 😖😖

No worries, how about some deceptive “techniques” to bait the kids to eat vegetables? 💡 In addition, I am pretty sure that your kids will no longer avoiding veggie once applying these so called cheat techniques. Perhaps, you might be shocked as they probably wanna add another bowl of rice because of their favorite veggie! 😋

5 Innovative Ways – Let kids to eat vegetables
1: Use vegetables to make delicious soup
2: Make smoothies
3: Puree, blend or chop it
4: Adding to fried rice
5: Add veggie into your dessert
Why do children hate eating vegetables

Actually there are many reasons why kids are refusing to eat veggies. Also, this is quite normal situation where this even happened when I was a kid. I always feel that there is a bitter taste in veggies, and some of the vegetables are hard to chew, especially for cabbage and kale! Feel so uncomfortable while eating them. 😭

In fact, there may not be the kids hate “veggies”. They are just not prefer the FEELING of eating veggies! Why is this said so? 🤔 This could be just the same as some kids that do not like meat and fish. Some of them might hate the feeling of meat being shredded in their teeth or having the experience of being choke by fish bones. 😰

How to overcome it 

As a parent, it is necessary to find out why the kids are reluctant to get veggies. And take a RIGHT action to let your kids eat vegetables. 🧐 Again, it is regretful to say that being a picky eater surely will risk their health. Then, a more serious case may involve in certain illness such as obesity if dietary is not balanced. 👦🏻👩🏻

By having such methods, it is simple and convenient to add the suitable portion of veggies in a meal and slowly guide them to accept the so called ‘taste of veggie’! 🙈 Use the above resources to let your kids eat vegetables.

Grow your own vegetables

Use our HAVVA 35H to grow your own vegetables so that children can eat them at any time. Introduce you to HAVVA 35H, which is 100% non-toxic vegetarian, has enough vegetables throughout the year, and provides you with lifetime customer support! Sounds perfect?

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