Urban Farming

Urban Farming

Urban Farming is sustainable farming that grows food in the metropolitan to supply oneself or distrubution and marketing the produces within the cores of metropolitan areas and at their edges.

It plays an important role in modern metropolitan and cities. The importance of Urban Farming can be classified as follow:

Ensure Food Security

food security

When the city or metropolitan is well developed with Urban Farming activities, source of food and supply chain will be localized. The city or metropolitan will be resilient to any interruption on food supply chain due to unforeseen cirsis such as pandemic lockdown etc.

Green The City

urban farming

Urban Farming will be actively and continously adding green plants to the concrete jungle once was fill with flora and fauna. The plants will help to clean the air and promote a healthy city.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

urban farming

On average food that we consume travel 300km to reach end consumer. Along the line, it needs further cooler room facilities to keep them fresh and durable which cause significant carbon footprint added every year. Urban Farming can reduce the food miles to 10km and eliminate cool room facilities to keep them fresh.

Employment Opportunities

Urban Farming can be designed to suit marginal society like disable people. That will create working opportunities for the disable to be independent and contribute to our society as any other ordinary person.

Efficient Use of Empty Space

urban farming

Urban Farming can make good use of empty space that is otherwise vacant or left with activities that has no economy output. For example, they can be built on roof top that is normally vacant and unutilized. Putting it into good economy use and help to cool down the tenent under the roof. 

Enable Urban Farming

urban farming


HAVVA teaches anyone who wanted to start urban farming with share of workshop, conducting talks, workshops and collaboration with others like schools and NGOs.

Urban Farming

Wide Range Growing Systems

HAVVA innovates, designs, builds and tests systems of various sized from 1sqft farm to backyard system to suit your requirements and financial abilities.

Urban Farming

Build More HAVVA Urban Farm

HAVVA provides professional services ranging from consultation, design, supply and build community to commercial urban farm of various scale and sizes. We provide highest quality and realiable solution to all inidividuals who want to start urban farming business

Urban Farming

Provide Digital Platform

The Artificial Intelligent driven platform will be provided FREE assessment for anyone who intended to go for into this journey. To advice them the solution best suit their requirements and conditions