Veggie Bug Is Your Soulmate, Why?

Sep 27, 2021 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

Pest is your veggie’s friend

🐛 Pest might often eat your veggies. But it tells you 1 good thing. “Your veggies are fresh & safe to eat” Wonder why? We gonna talk about the relationship between veggies & pest today 😍

Having pest problems can be really tiring. Especially when taking so long time for plants to grow, and pest get to eat them before you do….arghhhh  🙄 Meanwhile, it shows you are on the right track! You are growing some healthy & fresh plants for yourself 🥗 Here are the why: 

✔️ Pest is similar to us, they will only pick the one that’s fresh to eat

✔️ As the one they eat, which means it is very likely good for us to consume too!

✔️ If those plants that pest do not seek to eat them, we humans have to be carefully

✔️ It may be involved in some pest control issues, such as pesticides.

✔️ uncontrolled use of pesticides can cause pesticide residue, which harms our health!

p/s: Pesticide residue is the chemical substance that long remain on crops. It is hard to be seen by naked and washed away. Eating these veggies would harm  ❌ our health.

So, pest shows you which veggies are fresh & healthy now 😛 Need fresh veggies at home? Check out HAVVA60H the home planting system which grows 60 vegetables with only 1 sqft needed now! 🙋‍